Church Story

Word of Faith Family Worship Cathedral was founded by Bishop Dale Bronner as “Word of Faith Family Worship Center” and held its inaugural service on the second Sunday in December of 1991 at 2435 Ben Hill Road in East Point, Georgia. The church building was purchased from Dogwood Hill Baptist Church. In fact, Dogwood Hills Baptist Church shared the worship facility with Word of Faith for the first three years. Dogwood Hills rented the chapel from Word of Faith, while Word of Faith occupied the main sanctuary.

The two ministries peacefully shared the church until Dogwood Hills disbanded as a church, in 1994. Prior to founding Word of Faith, Bishop Bronner was pastoring Mt. Olive Missionary Baptist Church. It was during his tenure there that the Lord began to birth the vision for Word of Faith. Upon accepting the pastorate of the Baptist church, a Methodist minister, Dr. Cornelius Henderson, prophesied that Bishop Bronner would only be at that church for two years before he outgrew it. Exactly two years after pastoring Mt. Olive, Bishop Bronner resigned and started Word of Faith Family Worship Center.

Word of Faith began with 125 members who joined in the first service (Dec. 1991). There were approximately 350 people in the inaugural service. The ministry began with only a praise team (led by Dr. Nina Bronner), but no choir. The choir was formed by Easter of 1992. From the inception of the ministry our weekly services were broadcast on a local cable station. Our original church motto was “Each one, reach one.” Some time later, we then added the theme “Reaching the lost, teaching the found.” That statement sums up the essence of the ministry.

The church grew rapidly and steadily. By 2000 we were doing three Sunday morning services, each Sunday. More than forty different ministries have been added to Word of Faith since its inception. We are still endeavoring to reach the lost and teach the found! In December of 2003 Word of Faith relocated to 150 Riverside Parkway (a former Sam’s Club building). Then on Easter of 2004 Word of Faith moved across the street to 212 Riverside Parkway into its 4000+ seat Cathedral. We continue to seek to know Christ and to make Him known!