At Word of Faith we believe that the family is the cornerstone of the community and the building block of the local church.


The WOF Latino Ministry service is held every Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. in the Word of Faith Chapel. We are extremely excited about the opportunity to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to our brothers and sisters in the Latino community.


WOW is a monthly class led by Dr. Nina Bronner to minister practical and biblically based lessons to women.


Men provide leadership and stability to the family. Strong healthy men breed strong healthy families. This a value of Word of Faith Family Worship Cathedral. As a result, we offer a variety of experiences that equip men to be champions.


The most basic element of society is the family. At Word of Faith We Honor Marriage. Our desire is to refresh marriages in any season of life to a healthy, happy, and holy state of being.


SOAR is a diverse ministry of singles, enjoying life to the fullest and embracing the power of being single until GOD changes the season. SOAR provides a social setting where singles can fellowship with other Christian singles.


The Seasoned Saints Ministry represents seniors of all ages.
By sponsoring events, mentoring, community outreach, and adult education classes, the Seasoned Saints Ministry creates a fun and engaging environment for all.


Riverside EpiFitness Club serves Word of Faith members and the community at large. As a covenant member, discounted rates are available for membership. The EpiFitness Club offers state-of-the-art fitness facilities and programs at the Riverside EpiCenter.

Care Ministries

If you need help we are here. The Care Ministries at Word of Faith are here to serve the emotional needs of the congregation and community.

Prison Ministries

The vision of the prison ministry is to "Set the Captives Free." We do this by providing spiritual, social, and character development through worship, family and relationship building, life skills, and career development.