Leadership Development

The Leadership Development Series (LDS) has been designed to develop strong Christian leaders at Word of Faith through the study of spiritually sound leadership tools and scripturally based readings. Each class has been written to fit into a 45 minute time frame, which provides time for teaching, discussion and prayer.

The LDS curriculum tool is like any other tool—it must be used to be useful! This series is taught by ministry leaders at Word of Faith, for the primary purpose of building our leaders. Participants will follow along in the LDS notebook and complete the answers for the fill-ins during the teaching.

Active engagement of this tool will help cultivate deeper faith and create fellowship—strong, biblically nourished leadership that will help our church grow in vivacity and discipleship. Our hope is that you will see the value in this program and use it to equip future leaders so that there will never be a void of leadership within the ministry.

For more information email contact@woffamily.org.