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When Favor Breaks In - Brady Hamby - 11:00am (MP3)

When Favor Breaks In - Brad Hamby - 8:30am (MP3)

TrueTalk - Bishop Kirby Clements (MP3)

W.O.W. - Women of the Word - August 2019 (MP3)

W.O.W. - Women of the Word - July 2019 (MP3)

No Matter What! - 8:30am (DVD)

No Matter What! - 8:30am (CD)

No Matter What! - 8:30am (MP3)

No Matter What! - 11:00am (CD)

No Matter What! - 11:00am (DVD)

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Planning Your Succession (Book)

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Planning Your Succession (Book)
Part Number: ISBN 1-934165-24-7
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In this book, you will be provided needed guidance and encouragement, helping you to discover:

The benefits of proper succession planning
How to overcome succession-related avoidance
What top organizations are doing correctly and what practices to avoid
The advantages of developing a healthy leadership culture
How to prepare for leadership succession
Ways in which an incoming successor can minimize obstacles