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No Matter What! - 11:00am (DVD)

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Power Principles: The Benefits of a Wisdom-Driven Life (Book)

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Power Principles: The Benefits of a Wisdom-Driven Life (Book)
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A Wisdom Perspective
The best chance of real success in business, in government, in the family, in our personal goals—in any realm of life—is to develop a perspective that will enhance and expand upon what we already bring to the table.

What we need is a wisdom-driven perspective.

Our society is devouring information and knowledge but starving for the critical viewpoint of wisdom. We don’t really have a leadership problem, a financial problem, a relationship problem, or a problem with any other issue—we ultimately have a wisdom problem. And the only solution is a wisdom-driven outlook. Our outlook—how we perceive reality—really does determine our outcome. 

A Plan for Success
Power Principles by Dr. Dale C. Bronner guides you into the countless benefits of the wisdom-driven life. The time-tested principles in this volume, gleaned from four decades of experience, study, and application, lead you step-by-step into foundational wisdom for building a strong and prosperous life and creating a concrete plan for both personal and professional success. 

A Life of Legacy
The life we live is the legacy we leave. Legacy is not only about the future; it’s about what we are doing right now. When we are successful, it adds value to us, but our significance comes when we add value to other people, lifting them to a higher level in life. Power Principles shows you how to build an intentional legacy, bringing prosperity to the lives of others today—and impacting future generations with the wisdom-driven life.