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Tech Team

About the Ministry

The Tech Team serves the Word of Faith congregation, Online Church, local cable and satellite viewing audiences, focusing on the technical aspects of running a church service or event. This ministry is responsible for handling various technical elements that enhance the worship experience and enable effective communication within the church community.

Audio Engineers: Managing sound reinforcement systems, microphones, and audio equipment to ensure that the congregation can hear the worship music, sermons, and other spoken elements clearly.

Lighting Operator: Controlling lighting equipment to create a suitable atmosphere for worship services, special events, and performances.

Video Production (Director, Camera Operators and Editor): Handling video cameras and projection equipment to capture and display live video, presentations, and other visual elements during services and events.

Presentation and Visuals: Managing LED screens to display lyrics, scripture verses, and other visuals that complement the worship experience.

Recording and Archiving: Recording sermons, worship services, and events for later distribution, archiving, or podcasting.

IT and Network Management: Managing the church’s computer systems, networks, and software to support various church operations.

Media and Content Creation: Developing multimedia content, such as promotional videos, graphics, and social media content to engage the church community.

The technical ministry plays a crucial role in modern church operations, as it helps engage the congregation, enhance the worship experience, and reach a broader audience through technology. It requires dedicated volunteers or staff members with technical skills and a commitment to the mission of the church.

Rehearsal Time

  • Wednesday 7:00pm


Darrow Bronner

Donzalia Rogers

Kevin Johnson

Word of Faith Family Worship Cathedral