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About the Ministry

WOf Kids is a place where kids discover their passion for God in a safe and engaging environment. By partnering with parents, children discover their passion for God in a safe, fun, exciting, and nurturing learning environment through interactive lessons based on biblical truth, praise, worship, games, activities, and small groups.

Our Values:

  • Safe…first and foremost because your child is our number one priority.
  • Fun…because getting to know God on your child’s own terms is cool not boring, and we want them to want to come back every time just to discover who Jesus really is.
  • Friends…because it’s pretty amazing getting to know people who share the same beliefs.
  • Partner with Parents…because two influences in your child’s life is better than one. At best, we will spend approximately 40 hours per year with your child in WOF Kids’ Ministry. You will spend approximately 3,000 hours per year with your child. So together, the Church coupled with the home can truly demonstrate the heart of Christ.

1st Steps: Nursery (5 years old)

Cultivate preschoolers’ physical needs in a Love-focused, fun, safe, and active environment which encourages their natural curiosity about God, themselves and their world.

Trailblazers: Elementary (K – 5th grade)

Captivate their interests with storytelling and fun by engaging them in Bible lessons that will develop their faith, character, relationship with God, and make friends.

Crossroads: Middle School (6th – 8th grade)

Challenge and encourage middle schoolers to discover their own faith and pursue God for themselves.


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